The Journey of an International Executive

As a young boy growing up in Zaragoza, Spain, Caesar Val was drawn to martial arts. He quickly fell in love with the discipline, the physical challenge, and the mental focus that came with it. His passion for martial arts led him to earn a Black Belt 3rd Dan, an achievement that still brings him great pride today. But it was not his only accomplishment.

Val’s passion for martial arts also taught him invaluable life lessons that he has carried with him throughout his career as a senior FMCG, beauty, and luxury international executive. He believes that attention to detail, hard work, and a focus on strategy are the keys to success in business, and his track record proves it. Val has spent more than two decades leading teams in both SMEs and top WW corporations, always with a focus on brand building, people, and customer-centricity.

Val’s journey has taken him around the world, from his early days in Zaragoza to living in Barcelona and now based in Dubai. Along the way, he has honed his skills, earning a business degree, two masters from top-ranked institutions, and postgraduate studies in leadership, digital transformation, and AI/ML. He is a lifelong learner who devotes two hours every day to studying and is a member of the 40+ League, a community of senior executives focused on boosting learning and networking.

Today, Val is the co-founder and CEO of We are ACT Global, a web3 agency that helps brands integrate web3 technologies and metaverse experiences into their shopper journeys. He is also the founder of CEVAL Consulting, where he helps companies and senior executives expand their business into the Middle East and European markets. In addition, Val serves as a Middle East module advisor and guest professor at IESE Business School, where he teaches business case, luxury business models, marketing for luxury brands, retail, metaverse, and the Middle East business and economic environment.

Through it all, Val has never lost sight of his values: positivity, resilience, enthusiasm, and a good sense of humor. He is passionate about having a great life balance and enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and pursuing his hobbies, such as comics and far east culture. Val’s inspiring journey from a young martial artist in Spain to a global business leader is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and the belief that anything is possible with the right mindset.

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