Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Innovative Solutions

In the world of entrepreneurship, some individuals possess a unique ability to not only build successful businesses but also create meaningful change. Jonathan (Adetokunbo) Quarles is one such thought leader, a true serial entrepreneur with a passion for making a difference. From his early days as the neighborhood’s top-selling paperboy to becoming a best-selling author, investor, and founder of Quartz Water Source and The BTL Group, Jonathan has left an indelible mark on the business world.

From an early age, Jonathan’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident. At the tender age of 8, he started his first business and hasn’t looked back since. Over the course of three decades, he has founded and developed over 10 businesses, ranging from custom T-Shirt operations to creative printing companies. However, it is his role as an avid angel investor that sets him apart. Jonathan focuses on investing in fast-growing, disruptive companies that also have a social impact component, creating a synergy between profitability and purpose.

In 2003, Jonathan leveraged his unique ability to connect people and ideas and founded The BTL Group. As the CEO, he has transformed numerous multi-billion dollar corporations and non-profit organizations by helping them identify critical resources, navigate community dynamics, and establish lucrative partnerships. His work has generated over $200 million in value across the private and public sectors, earning him a reputation as one of the most sought-after advisors for business growth opportunities. Today, The BTL Group continues to thrive as a strategic consulting business, expanding its reach beyond the United States to several countries worldwide.

Jonathan’s impact extends beyond the business realm. As a native of Flint, Michigan, he couldn’t ignore the devastating water crisis that struck his hometown. Recognizing that the crisis extended far beyond Flint’s borders, he founded Quartz Water Source (formerly known as SolAir Water). Through cutting-edge atmospheric water generation (AWG) technology, Quartz is bringing clean drinking water to cities and states in need. The technology, capable of generating water from air, has the potential to supplement municipal water sources and provide a reliable, low-maintenance solution. Quartz also explores partnerships with private sector companies heavily reliant on water, further amplifying its impact.

Jonathan Quarles epitomizes the notion of a thought leader and changemaker. His ability to fuse entrepreneurship with social impact is a testament to his vision and determination. Whether it’s through his diverse business ventures, investment strategies, or his commitment to tackling global water crises, Jonathan’s influence is far-reaching and inspirational.

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