The Inspiring Work of a Foster Care Advocate and Leader

The foster care system can be a challenging and complex environment for children and families in crisis. However, there are individuals who are working tirelessly to transform this system, providing vulnerable children with safe and nurturing homes and creating innovative programs to support families in crisis.

Laura Mitchell is the current Executive Director of Foster Care at Samaritas, a non-profit organization that serves vulnerable individuals and families in Michigan. Her passion for helping children and families in crisis has been the driving force behind her work, and she has been instrumental in transforming the foster care system in Michigan.

Laura Mitchell began her career as a social worker, helping families and children in the foster care system. She worked tirelessly to ensure that every child had a safe and loving home, and her dedication to this cause quickly earned her recognition within the industry. She was promoted to management roles and eventually became the Director of the Child Welfare Division at Samaritas.

As the Executive Director of Foster Care at Samaritas, Laura Mitchell oversees the organization’s foster care program, which provides safe and nurturing homes for children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Under her leadership, the foster care program has grown and expanded to serve more children and families in need.

One of Mitchell’s biggest accomplishments at Samaritas was the implementation of the Safe Families for Children program. This innovative program allows families in crisis to receive support and temporary care for their children while they address their issues. The program has been incredibly successful in keeping families together and preventing children from entering the foster care system.

In addition to her work at Samaritas, Laura Mitchell has been a leading voice in the foster care community in Michigan. She has worked closely with legislators and policymakers to advocate for better policies and funding for foster care programs. Her expertise and experience have been instrumental in shaping the foster care system in Michigan and improving outcomes for children and families.

Laura Mitchell’s work has had a profound impact on the foster care system in Michigan. Her leadership at Samaritas has helped to create a culture of excellence and innovation in the foster care industry. Her advocacy work has helped to secure funding and support for foster care programs, ensuring that children in crisis have access to the resources they need to thrive.

In recognition of her contributions, Laura Mitchell has received numerous awards and accolades throughout her career. She was named one of Crain’s Detroit Business 40 under 40 and was recognized by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for her outstanding contributions to the foster care system.

Laura Mitchell’s dedication and passion for helping children and families in crisis have made her a true leader in the foster care industry. Her work at Samaritas and her advocacy efforts have transformed the foster care system in Michigan, making it a model for other states to follow. Her innovative programs and leadership have improved the lives of countless children and families, and her legacy will continue to impact the foster care system for years to come.

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