The Cultural Savant

Lawrence Garrett is a force to be reckoned with in the world of equity and inclusion. He is a modern-day cultural savant, renowned for his ability to decode cultural behaviors that either support or undermine values and performance. Over the last 15 years, Lawrence has honed his skills through his consulting practice, Eight-Twenty-Eight, LLC, which focuses on Leadership and Inclusion in the greater Pierce County area.

As the Chief Impact Officer and Lead Consultant of Eight-Twenty-Eight, Lawrence has dedicated his career to designing and implementing programs that facilitate meaningful change within communities. His tenure as a leadership trainer, performance coach, and equity and inclusion practitioner provides a unique combination of results-driven strategy, relationship-building, and emotional intelligence. Lawrence takes pride in his ability to assess, design, and shift culture for maximum impact. A colleague and friend said it best about Lawrence, “He knows how to ‘change the weather’ in any environment he’s in.”

Lawrence’s dedication to equity and inclusion is evident through his authorship of the Equity Starter Kit. This powerful tool provides organizations with the resources and guidance needed to foster a culture of inclusion, equality, and diversity. The Equity Starter Kit is a culmination of Lawrence’s extensive experience and expertise, offering a comprehensive framework for creating meaningful change.

In addition to his consulting work, Lawrence is an active member of the community, serving on the boards of various non-profit organizations, including Communities In Schools of Washington, Advancing Leadership, and Tacoma Urban League. His passion for empowering individuals and communities has made him a sought-after speaker and facilitator for events and workshops.

Lawrence’s impact extends beyond the boundaries of his consulting practice, as he continues to create opportunities for individuals and organizations to come together to discuss and address issues of equity and inclusion. Through his unwavering dedication to equity and inclusion, Lawrence has become a beacon of hope for those seeking to create a more just and equitable world.

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