Leadership that Drives Economic Growth in West Michigan

In today’s fast-paced world, it takes a visionary leader with a passion for economic advancement, growth, and sustainability to drive organizations to success. Guillermo Cisneros is a leader who has significantly impacted West Michigan’s economic landscape.

As the President and CEO of the West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Cisneros has utilized his 20 years of global experience in real estate, manufacturing, nonprofit, retail, and insurance to drive economic and workforce development through job creation and community investment. He is a trusted community alliance and partner throughout West Michigan, with an extensive network in Europe and Mexico, centered experience in human resources, accounting, business administration, management, marketing, and sales, which aids in identifying strategic partnerships.

The West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, founded in 2003, supports and promotes the economic advancement of Hispanic-owned businesses and professionals in West Michigan. The Chamber aims to be an ally and resource to all community members, regardless of ethnicity, and to create a diverse and inclusive business environment. The organization offers a variety of programs and services, including networking events, business workshops, and advocacy efforts on behalf of Hispanic-owned businesses and their interests. Through its work, the West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has become a trusted partner and valuable resource for economic development and growth in the region.

Cisneros is a goal-oriented and results-driven professional with strong intercultural and interpersonal communication skills, great analytical and problem-solving ability, and excellent time management skills to meet strategic goals. He possesses core competencies such as strategic and innovative thinking, Spanish/English fluency, marketing and strategic planning, targeted fundraising, financial acumen and risk management, sales and negotiations, public speaking and presenting, multicultural competency, performance metrics, industry and market trends, diversity, equity, and inclusion, servant leadership, and mentoring.

One of Cisneros’s most significant achievements has been designing solutions and implementing key initiatives that increase a diverse workforce and create economic development within the West Michigan region to meet short and long-term strategic goals. Cisneros’s focus on strategic planning has been evident in establishing a 3-year strategic plan to implement new initiatives and increase revenue and brand recognition in West Michigan through donor and investor relations. He has also developed and executed Chamber programming activities such as monthly membership meetings, business workshops in Spanish, networking events, and signature events for members. 

Guillermo Cisneros’s visionary leadership and passion for economic advancement, growth, and sustainability drive West Michigan’s economic development. His extensive experience, skills, and knowledge have been instrumental in building a diverse and prosperous business community. Cisneros is a true servant leader who has helped to bridge cultures and create opportunities for all people.

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