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Tour Info

The Professional Power Tour is designed with a Shark X experience format, hosted by social media influencers, to bring together industry experts, mentors, and entrepreneurs in a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. This experience will provide participants with the opportunity to network, attend breakout sessions, and gain valuable insights from top industry leaders. The tour will cover industries such as Agriculture/Science, Automotive and Transportation, Beauty and Fashion, Cyber and Tech, Education, Health and Medical, International Business and Real Estate, Marketing/Social Media, Travel/Hospitality, and Sports and Entertainment.

Professional Power
Main Stage

Morning Session

8:30 am


Attendee Instructions and Flow 

Panel Discussuion

Breakout Sessions

Panel Discussion

Lunch and Shark X Experience

12 noon

Multiple Lunch Options and Areas

Auditorium for Shark X Experience

Pitches by Local Innovators and Startups

Digital Influencer Host

Afternoon Session

1:30 pm

Panel Discussuion

Breakout Sessions

Panel Discussion

Reception and Afterparty

7 pm

Red Carpet 

Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvre

Live Entertainment

Celebrity Hosts

Silent Auctions and More

Professional Power Area

An opportunity for attendees to connect with experienced professionals who can provide guidance and support in their journey. The activation will be designed to bring together mentors and mentees in a supportive and collaborative environment, where attendees can receive personalized advice and feedback on their businesses. The mentorship activation will provide a valuable opportunity for families and small businesses to grow and expand their knowledge and skills, and to achieve their goals.

The Collaboration area is designed for entrepreneurs to come together and establish mutually beneficial partnerships. This space provides businesses with an opportunity to engage in business-to-business (B2B) networking activities and foster relationships with other organizations. It aims to bring companies together and create a dynamic environment where they can collaborate, exchange ideas and knowledge, and work towards achieving common goals. The Collaboration area is a hub for businesses to expand their networks, find new business partners or team members.


A showcase of local products and services, and opportun ities to connect with potential customers. Designed to bring together families and small businesses in a dynamic and interactive environment, allowing for opportunities for collaboration and networking. Attendees will have access to resources and information to help them position their products in the marketplace, and connect with mentors who can provide guidance and support in their journey.

Additional Main Stage

An additional main stage will be accessible to the Entrepreneur Pass for the Family Power main stage where attendees will learn and gain insight into the world of taxation, estate planning, and financial literacy. 

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